Day and Dinner Club

Enjoyment & entertainment

The finest cuisine, cool drinks, fine wines and spirits, fantastic panoramic views, the best electronic beats, relaxed people - all day long. Would you like even more? Here you go: How about a large convertible roof, open in the sun and closed in the rain? We have. Welcome to the Susi Alm - Austria's only Day & Dinner Club. - to Austria's only Day & Dinner Club.

Food & beverages

The Susi Alm offers a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding mountain landscape and a selection of high-quality food and drinks. What will it be? Austrian delicacies or international delicacies? You'll find everything your heart desires here. The right drink to go with it makes your stay at the Susi Alm complete. Our service team will be happy to help you choose the right wines, cocktails and spirits. 

But that's not all! The Day & Dinner Club invites you to relax in the open air during the day. When the sun is shining, you can sit comfortably in the large convertible roof and let the wind blow around your nose. And if the weather turns less friendly - no problem! The roof closes automatically in rainy weather.

If you're worried that the Susi Alm will be dominated by loud beats, don't worry. We have louder and quieter areas available for you all day long and you decide what you feel like doing.

Partying late
into the night

Even after dark, the Susi Alm continues to heat up. The best electronic beats ensure that there's never a dull moment. Dance late into the night with relaxed people from all over the world!

In short: at Austria's only Day & Dinner Club, you will be served the finest musical sounds around the clock. Plus the best international cuisine of the highest quality. This is exactly why the Susi Alm is the perfect place to leave everyday life behind you and enjoy life to the full.

So come along and experience for yourself what it means to be part of the Susi Alm Day and Dinner Club!

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